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College Intern Debt Benefits

With the new DebtMet platform interns at top companies with a clean and efficient record will be given a stipend that will be used to help pay off their student debt.

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College Loan Fundraising

Social Media fundraising is a core feature that will allow users to create a personal profile, attached with images, personal biography, work history and a friends list.

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Company Loyalty Program

If an employee stays with their employer for a minimum of 2-5 years and has a clean and efficient record that benefits their employer,

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The DebtMet Hub

At the core of our service, ‘DebtMet’, we offer a one stop hub for anyone with college debt.

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DebtMet Credit

A feature made for business to consumer interaction, DebtMet will act as an online shopping center that will be specifically geared toward college students.

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Debtmet On The Way

Watch for Debtmet coming in 2017 to help students everywhere!